So… this is my follow up post from last night.

The deal wasn’t something I would have put together myself. In fact.. out of all the things I ask of Ben… and there are some crazy things (there will be a future post on one of those things)… this is not one I would have ever asked for.  See, I love my plug. I love anal. I don’t, however, love my plug enough to want to wear it 24 hours in a row.

Njoy is a wonderful thing really. The design is wonderful and is the most comfortable plug I’ve ever came across.  I know there are many people that wear it all the time…. I am not one of those people that wants to.  The stem is great because it doesn’t stretch you out so much that you’re uncomfortable and I love the weight of the head… it’s hard to forget that it’s there. These are the things I love about it… in short bursts.

When I agreed to the deal… I didn’t know what the 24 hours would be like… but I decided to just plunge head first in. I really just wanted to get it over and out of the way so that it wasn’t hanging over my head like that overdue bill sitting on your counter burning a hole into your soul. Things like this are just best dealt with… and so with that.. I give you my 24 hours with my Njoy.

7:00 pm- I insert my plug for my daily two hour wear. I sent Ben a picture and did my hourly rubbing as instructed.

8:30 pm- the deal is made. I’m sure as he was pondering what evil thing he could offer up in exchange for the orgasm I so badly wanted. I picture him behind me… sliding in and out of my pussy… staring at my ass…. all plugged in front of him. The silver sparkling against the light…. and I’m sure this is how his evil plot came about. He knew I couldn’t resist. He know I’d give him whatever he asked for. Damn him. lol

10:00 pm’ish- I post. I ponder if I should just soldier through and get it over with. By the end of the blog post I realize I’m already three hours in.. why the hell not.  And so… three hours down… twenty-one to go.

11:00 pm- I’m exhausted and we head to bed. I’m very aware of the plug. I’ve never slept with it in… I attempted once and failed miserably. I was tired enough that even though I laid there thinking about the night that lay ahead.. I still managed to fall asleep pretty quickly. I did, however, wake up a few times and it was the first thing that came to mind each time.

5:50 am- I am awoken to snoring… help me. I get up and use the bathroom at some point… in which I decide I can’t handle this.. I need relief. I’ll just take a quick break from it before I have to get up and ready for work. I lay on the couch… which was too cold to stay out on… then return to bed to attempt to sleep for a bit longer. That didn’t go so well and so when I finally got up, I had only been without the plug for ten minutes. I will be making them up at the end of my 24 hours.

7:00 am- I make it to work… it’s going to be a long day.

9:00 am- Ben and I are texting.

Ben: How’d you sleep otherwise? How’s your bottom?

Me: Bottom? Really? (insert annoyed looking smiley)

Ben: hahahaha.

Me: Just for that…. I’m not telling

Ben: Aww! Please? I’m sorry

Me: I dunno…

Ben: I’ll make you wear it longer…

Me: That’s mean (insert frowny face)

Ben: Yep

11:00 am- Eight hours to go I tell him. He thinks it’s funny that I’m counting down.. but come on… who wouldn’t? Then he decides he’s going to push my buttons and suggest that maybe he’ll have me wear it longer some other time. This is not what I want to hear. I say he hates me… but he corrects me saying that he just likes torturing me… I think we have to agree on that one.

2:30 pm- The work day is almost drawing to a close. I am so over this plug. I pretty much hate it at this moment… it’s all I can think about. I don’t know how I’ll ever make it through another four and a half hours. He’s pretty happy about my state… says that it makes me remember the deal I made. Um.. how on Earth could I?!? Every since it’s been put in I’ve been aware of it. I’m sure I was aware of it while I was sleeping I am so aware. Yeah, there’s not forgetting it’s there.

3:00 pm- I’m leaving work… I’m so uncomfortable. I can feel that the stem is dry and much need of relubing. It’s pinching my skin and I am not liking this. Why? Oh why? What am I going to do… still four hours to go and I’m feeling like I’m at my limit.  My ass is pretty much wondering what the hell I am doing to it. Sorry ass… this was not in my control!

5:00 pm- I’m cleaning… I made it over my panic. Just a little lube goes a long way. I’m much more comfortable than I was when I left work. Not much longer to go. I can imagine just how wonderful it’s going to feel to take it out. I’ve never been so excited not to be filled!  Now if only the time was over… and we’d be in a better place!

6:30 pm- I start my post. This is current as it gets people… fresh off the presses. We are sitting at less than a hour now… and I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. Now… let’s just hope he doesn’t say no when I ask at 7:10 to take it out. That would be just cruel!

7:17 pm- I am free!

My first thought…. wow that wasn’t that bad… but you know, it kind of was. Why do I say that? Because there’s no way I would have worn that plug any longer than I had to tonight.  At exactly 7:10 pm I looked over at Ben and asked if I could take it out. When he said I could.. I got up and went over to him. I kissed him.

“Who owns you?”, he asked


“Whose are you?”, he asked again.


“I love you”, he smiled.

“I love you too.”

We kissed again.. and he sent me on my way to find relief. It kind of feels like it’s still there…. like when people lose a hand and they still feel it… that’s what it’s like. I can still feel a phantom plug. I know it’s not there and I feel the relief of it not actually being there… but its… I dunno, it’s weird.

What did I learn from this? Well.. I guess the biggest thing is that I am capable of more than I think. I mean, I didn’t doubt I could do 24 hours plugged…. but I think I managed it better than I anticipated. I think that’s always nice to realize. Other than that… I don’t think I learned a lot. I think it’s good to challenge yourself… even if that challenge is forced upon you. I feel good that I embraced that challenge with open arms… that I took it head on with no fear and no procrastinating.

So that’s my story. 24 hours later… I’m no worse for the wear.  Ben and I are squared up I am happy to say.  And with that I leave you plugless till next time…