He told me early in the morning. We had barely sent anything back and forth via text past good morning and such. We were both at work.. preparing for our days. Then out of the blue.. the instructions came.

I’m to rub my clit for 30 seconds on all my breaks and lunch. I’m to text him each time after I’m done. After work I am to find a private place and continue my 30 second rubbings on the hour every hour until he got home.

Well then. That was unexpected.. but it made me smile. I love such tasks.. especially when they come out of the blue. My work day passed.. and I did as I was told… informing him when I was done each time. I love that I feel so bound to follow his direction. I know that some people might just say they did the task, but I could never actually go through with that. Fitting in all the required rubbings wasn’t easy.. time passed by and it would have been so much easier to say.. hey it’s done… but I have more honor than that. I could never lie to him and betray him in such a way.

By the time I had hit around 6 pm… I was a ball of horny. I texted him.. telling him I was really wet. I felt he needed to know that… that he knew the state I was in. He seemed quite pleased with himself…. responding to me with…

“I bet you are. I can imagine you are hoping to be fucked tonight”

I did. I wanted to be fucked badly. I wanted to feel the relief I needed. I also didn’t want to buy into the idea that I would be having sex tonight.  And so I didn’t. I dismissed the idea… and didn’t let myself build up the tension anymore than I had already.  The final rubbing was at 7 pm… when he was leaving work. I sent him a picture of my fingers on my clit… and my plug in place for my daily two hour wear.

When he arrived home… I followed him to the bedroom. I striped off my jammie bottoms… got down on my hands and knees and presented him my ass. I so wanted him to touch me… so wanted him to see just how wet I was for him. I hoped it was enough to tempt him.  He let out a sound of approval… it was promising.

I could hear him undressing behind me. When he was done he knelt down… his hand reached out for me. He touched my back… my thighs… and around my pussy. I let out a sigh… the kind that comes after you wait for something so long… that its a huge relief you got what you longed for. He did this for a few minutes before sliding into me. Ah sweet relief.

He told me I wouldn’t be cumming… and this would be the only sex I would be getting tonight. Ah his terms… they are what they are right? When he was done with that position… he moved me to the bed. He bent me over and filled me once more. His hands pulled my hair… and covered my mouth and nose. Then they slipped to my throat and he leaned into me.. whispering into my ear. He asked if I wanted to cum… of course I wanted to. He asked what I would do. I reached around in my mind for what I could offer him.

First I offered up my ass to be used. He snickered and said he could have that anyways…. to try again. I searched some more… offering up something yet again. Not good enough. I laid there thinking… him fucking me all the while. It was so distracting… my mind wasn’t working  like it normally does…. all I could think about was how bad I needed to get off.

Then it came to me… I’d suck his cock everyday for a week.. not asking for anything in return. Oh my desperation. What was I thinking?  This wasn’t good enough either. It didn’t even get a response. I was all out of ideas… I realized how uncreative I am in the heat of the moment. Silence fell on the room…. until he offered up his own idea…. his own deal. A deal with the devil.

The offer: wear my plug for 24 hours within the next five days… I can choose the day

My need beat out my rational mind. I would have probably agreed to almost anything… just to get what I wanted. I couldn’t think of the realization of what I was agreeing to… I just knew that there was a deal on the table and I could have what I want. All I had to do was agree and follow through… easy enough. Besides… if I turned him down… who knows what would be facing me? Would I be denied for an extended period of time? Who knows? That wasn’t an option for me.  And so I agreed… just like that.. without a question in my mind.

After we had both came in an Earth shattering manner…. after the post amazing sex glow… and in the shower… reality set in. 24 hours?! That’s a long time. The longest I had ever worn it was like seven hours. How would I ever sleep with it in? Why on Earth did I agree to that?  It’s easy to rationalize, if that’s what you’d call it, when your mind is focused on one thing but now that I had a moment to sit and think about it… I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.

So here we are. I have five days to follow through. I reallllyyy don’t want to wear it for 24 hours.  I agreed to it though and I have got to figure when I’m going to make this happen. I kind of just want to do it tonight… get it over with. That way just in case I can’t sleep with it tonight, I still have four nights left in which to make it happen. If I’m smart… that’s what I’ll be doing.  We shall see. In any case, within five days I’ll have a follow up post.

If I was vanilla, this wouldn’t ever be a problem. I’d never have to bargain to cum… no way no how. I’d be sexual on my terms… my body.. my way. This isn’t my reality. It’s not my body or way anymore.. it’s his and I am reminded of that daily.  I like that reminder, though. It makes me feel loved and looked after. There’s something very nice about putting his needs before mine… and even his whims.  I feel like being his submissive is a big way of how I define who I am…. what I am. Some might say that’s crazy… or even sad… but I think its one of the best things ever.

Time to pay the piper.