His fingers were against my soft folds… rubbing… preparing my body for use.  It was certainly needed… I was tired and I needed some encouragement.  I wanted him, that was no doubt… but my body needed some warming up.  His fingers worked my pussy over… sliding into  me.


He told me to flip over.  As I did…. he easily slipped into my cunt. I was fast on my decent into submission. The farther I fell.. the wetter I became.  He pumped slowly in and out.. soaking up his handy work. My back was arched… ass in the air… his hands on my hips. I was thoroughly enjoying myself.


“Suck my cock”, he commanded. Without missing a beat, I turned around and wrapped my lips around his cock.  I slowly slid my lips to the back taking him fully into my mouth.

“Like the way your cunt tastes on my cock”, he asked.. sounding somewhat amused.  I answered with a muffled yes continuing my task at hand.  I got lost in him… the way his hardness felt against my tongue… the way he’d hit the back of my throat.


He was deep inside me again.. my face pressed against the mattress. Each of his hands were firmly planted on me… one on my left shoulder and the other on the back of my neck. I was deep. I was tingly with submissive energy… and totally soaked. He commented so..  he very much loves how my body reacts to him. That makes two of us.  Ben pumped away at me.. using my body for his pleasure… even if I was getting a lot of that myself.

“Should I cum in your cunt or down your throat”, he asked… I’m sure knowing the answer he would receive.

“Anywhere you want, Dominus”, I answered… I knew it was the answer he wanted. In my mind.. I wanted him to cum in my mouth.. but that’s just not my decision.

“Mmm.. I think I’ll cum in your mouth”, he purred… drunk with the power of his position. I was inwardly very happy about his choice.

“I love drinking your cum”, I responded.


His cock was deep in my mouth this time.. I was working him with all I had… waiting for the reward of a job well done.  I could feel how tight his balls were in my hand… and how his cock hardened even more. I knew he was close.  I kept up my pace… massaging him.. all the tricks I know that do the job.  Before I knew it he was emptying into my throat… and I swallowed like the good girl I am. The second stream was emptied into my mouth.. in which I also promptly ingested.

Once he completely filled me… he said he was going to lay back. I moved so he could do so.. then went back to his cock. I wanted to taste him more… to take him past his orgasm.. to make him purely blissful. I know how sensitive he his after he cums… so I went easy. He was still half hard… plenty to still work with.

Minutes passed… he’d had enough… and told me enough. I stopped.. but kept him in my mouth. I didn’t want to stop. I was drunk with him… craving more… not more sex per-say… but to pleasure him more.  We stayed like the for a few more minutes till I got bold.. and started to move up and down again. I pushed hard… letting the head of his cock pop into my throat. He let out a moan of approval… just like I like to hear.


Curled up next to him.. I was a ball of horny. I was completely drenched… I needed to cum so bad. Ben announced it was time to get ready for bed. Just the other day I was telling him how I missed him denying me… so I was afraid asking would get me a no. Denial didn’t seem like fun… I knew I’d lay there for hours unable to sleep with as horny as I was.  I mustered up the courage… do or die… and asked.

“Hmmm… if you can cum in 60 seconds…”, he said.. I could practically see him amusement.. even if the room was dark.

“Will you count?”, the thought worried me… would it be distracting? Would he want me to count instead? There’s no way I could count and make myself cum.

“Yeah I will. Ready?”

“Yes”, I said… almost breathless… feeling the need to cum build… and the worry that I wouldn’t be able to make it happen. I didn’t want to miss out because I couldn’t.

My fingers went to my clit… I didn’t take my time.. I didn’t need to. I was so close I could barely handle it. In the back of my mind I was very aware of his counting… but tried hard to keep it pushed back. Seconds ticked away…  and then I felt it. A powerful orgasm washed over me. I pulled my knees up.. holding onto the feeling… breathing hard… and thanked him for allowing me that.

I curled into him… his arm pulled my body into him. I sighed with relief and happiness. I’m a lucky girl.