He was cold when I got home from work.. and so we stole a little time away while we could to crawl into bed. I striped down to just my socks (I don’t know why) and climbed into bed with Ben. He had decided to leave his clothes on. I curled up into his chest as his arm pulled me close.. then he started. His frigid fingers would randomly touch my back making me squeal… or his feet would snake up and touch my calf. I wasn’t too thrilled about it but it wasn’t a bad thing. We were having fun.

We laid there for a few minutes before my hand found the front of his jammie pants. I rubbed gently… I knew this would warm him up. After testing the waters to see if he was receptive… I undid the button and slipped my fingers inside finding the warmth of his cock. I stroked him slowly… I wasn’t after anything… but wanting him to feel good.

I could feel the tightening of his cock and so I pulled my hand out again and traced the silhouette  with my index finger.  It was at full attention… soaking in the attention it was receiving. My mind wandered to promises made earlier in the day… promises of him claiming my ass. It made me want to tease him… to make him long for events to come later. And so I rolled onto my side pulling his arm with me so that he was also on his side.

His cock nestled into the crease… finding it’s place with ease. We taunted each other… him rubbing himself up and down and me pushing back against him. I was practically overcome with lust. I so badly wanted to feel him deep inside me. I thought about guiding his cock to my ass.. just to be able to press the tip against me… the idea drove me crazy.

It was like he read my mind… that he wanted the same as me… perhaps… more. He spread my cheeks and pressed into me… I adjusted my hips to allow him better access. He pushed slowly… my body giving way to him… completely surrendering to his desire.  With a few thrusts… he was deep inside my ass… lube-less. I had had fantasies sprinkled with this very moment. The moment he’d take my ass without any lube… take it only for his own pleasure (even if I would be thoroughly enjoying myself…. that wasn’t a requirement though).  I had dreamed of what would go through my mind… and dreaming didn’t touch what reality would be like.

I felt instantly submissive. I had given everything over to him.. it was amazing. In my head I wasn’t going to tense up.. or give into any sort of pain… this was for him… and in doing so… it was for me too. He loved it… and I knew it… he told me I had such a well trained ass. Several times. He seemed very pleased with my ability to take his cock so easily without any aid. Just his cock.. and my ass.  It make me all sorts of tingly… all sorts of wanton. I so badly wanted to cum… but I focused on him as he pumped away.

I wasn’t sure if he was just going to tease me… or if he was going to use my ass to sate himself. I went out on a limb and asked for him to cum in my ass. I so badly wanted him to… to spill into me.  I needed him to feel that.  It was what he needed… that little push… for him to finish. I smiled as he slipped out of me and he wrapped his arm around me. I laid there next to him… in the glow of submissiveness. It always amazes me how something so simple can engulf me… and make me feel very much his.

Needless to say… he was warmed up.