I wasn’t feeling too well… but I was well enough to be horny. I actually had some alone time for once… and I figured I should take advantage of it. I texted Ben.

Me: May I cum?

Ben: Show me. I want the nipple clips on.

Me: I can do that

I really wanted to get off… and it seemed like a simple enough request so I headed to our room and retrieved the clamps. Once back on the couch.. I pulled off my shirt and attached them to my nipples and promptly sent him a picture.

Ben: Good girl. Plug your ass too. Leave it there till I get home.

I internally groaned. Till he got home?!  It was only two o’clock and he wouldn’t be home till seven o’clock. Ugh! Why couldn’t he just say yes and let me cum? That’s all I wanted!  I sighed and headed back to our room… I didn’t want to wear the plug that long, but that didn’t really matter. Even if I had said nevermind… I’m sure I would have still had to wear the plug and so I just did as he told.

I sent him three pictures and asked if I could finally cum… and I waited.  And waited. I sent a question mark to him after about five minutes had passed. My window of alone time was dwindling quickly. He responded.. and told me to send more pictures. And so I did… including my face as I came.

Even if I didn’t get to cum the way I wanted to… I still loved the end result. I do so love the control he has over me. It’s definitely my kink and he knows it. Things not being on my terms still feels different, but not in a bad way.  I wonder if it will ever feel like second nature or if there will always be an inner pout when things don’t go my way. I guess time will tell.