Friday night was my coffee date with Ashley. She picked me up at the house and we made our way to Starbucks. She had asked me earlier in the day if I wanted her to pick me up or meet her there and I told her I didn’t care either way. She said she’d pick me up because she was old fashioned. I teased her telling her, “says the girl who is going on a date with another girl”. We both got a good giggle out of it.

We chatted all the way there and walked idly into the coffee shop. As I walked in, someone I knew was there… a nice guy but not really aware of when to be quiet and remove himself from the conversation. I introduced them both.. and talked to him a few minutes. He had ordered his coffee and paid for ours as well apparently. It was very nice.

Once we ended that interaction we eyed the layout trying to find a place to sit that was away from everyone. We had hoped to get the cove by the door… she had thoughts of cuddling close together and talking to one another. This wasn’t going to happen. There was a guy with his computer firmly planted there. So I picked a two person table and settled down.

Our conversation was fluid.. it came very easily. We talked about old relationships, being teenagers, traveling, Ben, and so on. In my mind I wondered if she wanted me to hold her hand… I wasn’t really sure what to do. So I just sat there and talked… it just seemed like the best choice.  Honestly, I felt a little weird making such advances without Ben there. Before we knew it, almost two hours had passed. I was pretty hungry by then and asked her if she was ready to grab some food. When she agreed, I called Ben and asked him to join us.

We both headed over to the pizza place I had chose. On the way in the door I snapped a picture of us and sent it to Ben… he responded with “beautiful girls”. Inside we got in line.. it was pretty busy. We were still waiting when he walked up behind us.  I kissed him hello then came up to the counter and ordered our food. Ben took off and found us a table. She and I made our way over to the table as well and settled down… me next to her. I figured since I was on a date with her… its her I should sit next to.After dinner, Ben headed home and she and I piled back into her car to meet him there.

She left our house at 1:00 am…. we got very little sleep.

I had a really good time out with her actually. It was really nice to get time to just talk with her alone and form a sort of friendship just her and I.   The next day I felt so much better than the last time we had seen here. I didn’t feel that uneasiness I had felt before.  Going out alone with her really was just what I needed to feel good about the whole situation.

Ben and I had talked about what was going on and my feelings before she and I went out. I was feeling kind of left out in the sense she wasn’t really talking to me. Ben told me that Ashley doesn’t really text him first… and so that helped lay my worries to rest a bit. We had discussed me talking to her about my thoughts and feelings but after sleeping on that, I decided not to jump the gun. I didn’t want to cause issues where there really wasn’t any. Those feelings could really just all be in my head.

When we talked about this, I felt a lot better even just the next day. It was amazing just how communicating with Ben made things better. I know how important communicating is.. but this really drove this home for me.  Holding things in doesn’t do anyone any good. I’m really glad I didn’t say anything to her now.  It really would have been jumping the gun. I wouldn’t say I’m really excited about our blooming relationship but I am happy its evolving the way it is.

I really do like Ashley a lot. She’s a lot like we are. She shares a lot of our interests and fills in gaps in the ones that he and I don’t share. It’s a nice mix. We never run out of things to say and are really at ease around one another. I think the biggest thing that has been difficult for me is the change that has been taken place in our relationship.  It’s been an adjustment for me… for us to add someone else into the mix. I don’t regret it one bit and am happy we’re moving in this direction.  Most things new come without a few bumps.

So… I’d say the coffee date was successful.