Laying in bed… we were enjoying a rare moment of silence. The curtains were pulled so that they darkened the room… and we laid on the bed freshly bathed… void of any clothes.  Ben laid on his back.. I was snuggled up next to his chest. My face rested on his his shoulder as I breathed him in.

Quietly we just enjoyed being together…. our skin touching each other. It was just what I needed.  I had needed to feel his arm around me… holding me close… letting me focus on him… on us. Everything was right with the world… I was completely content.

His fingers absently caressed my back.  I smiled… my eyes closed just enjoying the sensation that ran through my body. It was like a current of electricity…. or maybe a warm fuzzy tingling feeling. Needless to say I didn’t want him to stop… or even change what he was doing in that moment. It was perfect.

I listened to him breath… so close to sleep. Just when I thought he had drifted off… a hitch in his breathing caused him to stir.  Then the process would start over… with the final awakening being signaled with a funny noise that erupted from his lips. Like a blowing… but different. It make me grin from ear to ear.

We chatted for a few minutes… us so close…. our eyes meeting. I love the look in his eyes…. the one that screams “I love you”. His eyes sparkle when he looks at me…. they are so alive with emotion. They are overwhelming in this amazing way. It makes my heart race a little… and my breath escapes me. My goodness, I love this man.

We start to kiss…. the slow but intense sort of kissing. The kind that goes straight to your sexual regions. The kind that makes you fiercely turned on… and all you can think about is what you’re doing…. and how you want him to touch you. Our hands wandered… my fingers tracing his back… his shoulders… his arms… his chest. We kiss then take breaks to just explore.

On one of those breaks… our eyes are closed… and I wonder… when he closes his eyes… can he still see my face? Can he still see it just as vividly as if he was looking straight at me? Eyes all wide…. drinking my facial features in? In his mind can he see what I look like when he kisses me… or when I smile? Is this what he’s seeing right now? Because I can see his face when I close my eyes. Every last detail… to the little smile wrinkles under his eyes… or the round of his lips…. or the way his cheeks look when he smiles or even  that little twinkle his eyes do that is a window into his heart and soul. I can see it just as clear as day. His face is forever etched into my mind…. simply because it is the face of the man I’ve given my whole being to. That face belongs to the man I will grow old with… the one I will watch change over the years… the one that will always be by my side.

I wonder if he sees the same?