Where to start… yesterday Ben had went to get us breakfast. He left me to get us drinks and find something to watch on tv. I was on the couch when I heard him pulling into the drive way. I was on my phone looking at Facebook when he walked in. In my head I realized he was home… but I guess in some way I thought the greeting him at the door rule was for when he comes home from work.

When he walked in… he stopped dead in his tracks and made a noise at me. I jumped up and went to him… the look on his face wasn’t one of happiness. He said so… that he wasn’t happy at all. I put my head to his chest after he handed me the bag of food. I put it on the shelf next to me and went to my knees. I felt completely and utterly crappy.

We went and sat down… ate in silence.  I hate disappointing him… and hate even more not knowing what he was thinking about. Was he done with this… what was going to happen next?

After we ate… I was sitting there… waiting. He got up… grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled me to the ground. I followed along on my hands and knees to our room. I waited after he let go of me.. not daring to move. He snatched off the covers on our bed and pulled me to a bent position over it. His words began… “I don’t ask for much…” before he yanked down my pants. Yet another rule I had broken.

The swats from the wire hanger came down… all the while he spoke… I don’t remember how many. 6? 8? It doesn’t matter how many… they brought me to tears. I was still crying when he slid his cock inside of me. He made it clear that this wasn’t for me… but for him. He told me I needed a reminder… of my place as I had so obviously forgotten. The more he talked… the more I cried. I was to crawl on the floor everywhere I went for the rest of the day. He told me I was to ask for any and everything and that I was going to sit at his feet. This was going to reinforce my place… his girl… at his feet. I wouldn’t forget who was in charge.

When he was done using me… climbed into bed and called me to him. I laid next to him… feeling… well I don’t know. Put in my place I guess would be the exact words. We only laid there for a bit before he told me to kneel on the floor. I rolled off the bed onto the floor… not able to bring my eyes to meet him. He picked up my collar from my nightstand and hooked it around my neck. From there he walked me out of the bedroom to the living room. He left me kneeling to make me a spot on the floor. He carefully folded a blanket and pointed to my spot. I crawled to it… still wet from his cum and sat at his feet.

We watched tv in silence… he set me to get a drink at some point. I decided I was thirsty too. I grabbed my water and took a sip, thinking that it was only water… I didn’t think he meant that I had to ask for that. I was wrong. When I put my drink down he pushed me forward and swatted my ass three times. When he said ask for everything… he meant it.  It brought me to tears… I didn’t dare cry out loud… I suffered in my own little world.

At some point he let me up on the couch. He hugged me and asked what I was thinking. I told him I was cold… because I was. He said I could stay and the couch and wrap up in the blanket. I made him lunch and served it to him… all the while in silence… except for my head. Crawling every where I went and let me tell you, that’s rough on the knees. The longer it went on… the more I didn’t like asking for stuff. Anything I asked for came out in a mummer.  Asking to use the bathroom was the worst. By the third time I asked… it was really humiliating. I am not a fan of humiliation. I imagine it works though. In a different situation, maybe it wouldn’t have felt that way.

By the time he finally took away my punishment… I was ever so thankful. Thankful it was over… that I served my sentence. I know there was so much more he could have done to me… things that would have really pushed my comfort zones… that would have driven his point home. I think when it was all said and done… what he did put me back to where he wants me. I didn’t feel that warm fuzzy submission… but it was submission none the less.

I felt terrible about not following my rules… completely guilty because it really was my fault. I had decided to interpret his rules in the way I thought was right instead of just following them. Granted, the pants was because I was cold and had forgotten because of that. It’s hard for me when the kids start the day off with us and then go to their Dads. If the day starts off with just us, its easy to remember. That transition is difficult… to remember when they leave… I’m just his. The only responsibility I have is to him when they are gone. This isn’t the first time I’ve forgotten the pants rule. I doubt it will be the last time. That doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying. I always want to do my best even if I stumble.

The emotions I went through yesterday were not fun to say the least but he handled me well.. and saw me through it.  Punishment is such a fine line. I’m glad he cares enough about me and our relationship to follow through. It means a lot to me that I know if I mess up he is going to call me on it. It’s not that I like being in trouble… its not about that. I like that he’s fully committed to our dynamic. I like that he is committed to being my owner and all that entails… because I know it can’t always be easy. I know when you want to have a good day but something happens and you have to handle it.. that can be a big let down. Containing the situation.. rectifying it…. is what is important. Once the said issue is in the past… then the good day can be carried on with.

So another situation dealt with… so that we can move forward.