We were in the store. We were playing around with each other… I’d pinch him… and he’d give me the look and pinch me back on the inside of my upper arm… it hurt! I’m fairly certain his pinches hurt more than mine. BUT, that isn’t the point of this.

I’d randomly do it… and kept doing it till one of the last times he grabbed my hand and twisted it… then pinched my arm.

“You’re pushing it. Are you going to stop now?”, and deep down inside me.. I didn’t want to… but I said I would stop. In my head a whole scenario played out. What would happen if I didn’t stop.

He’d take me to the car… after we were done with our shopping. He’d be lighthearted still… but the moment we got in the car and I start the engine… that would change. He’d look at me in this stern tone… grab my wrist and pull me across the center console. He’d spank me right then and there… hard. Right there where anyone could see… where anyone could walk by and see him correcting his wive’s misbehavior. When he was done… he’d set me upright… and we’d drive away… me in silence and him feeling like he had finally adjusted my behavior.

I’ve never had such flashes before. One’s of such public behavior… where it would be completely forbidden… where we could get caught. Sure I’ve had sex… and imagined sex in public.. but never a spanking and certainly not a punishment of sorts.. no way Jose.  Thinking back now on it.. I wonder if he would have pulled my pants down to between my thighs… exposing my most intimate of areas for the world to see. Oh the sounds that would echo inside of his car.

Yeah… that’s hot.