Last night we made our way to the swingers club again. Marilynn came with us once more…. Ben had a feeling she was hoping to see Robert again. Nevertheless… we figured it’d be good times no matter the outcome. I pretty much assumed that it would be Ben and I doing our own thing… which I am more than okay with. It’s nice to go out and just mix things up from time to time I think.

When we got to the club our first stop was the bar… we ordered up our drinks and made our way to a table. We drank.. and talked.. and people watched. It was nice to be out together as a group. We wondered how people made the progression from meeting at the club to actually being in a room fucking. We joked about how there must be a secret handshake that you only learn by watching others.

After downing my first drink… I was feeling pretty good. I danced in my chair to the music pumping through the club thoroughly enjoying myself. Ben sent me off to fetch him another drink.. and so I took it upon myself to get one as well. When I returned to the table I sat facing him.. his knee between my legs. I started drinking my other drink as his fingers wandered… finding my clit through the crotchless panties that are attached to my garter belt. He teased me… making my legs spread apart further… exposing the top of my thigh high fishnets.

After a bit… I readjusted.. standing to fix my skirt. I finished off my second drink. Marilynn proposed that we go check out what was going on upstairs or in the couples lounge. We thought that sounded like a plan and so we made our way there… the two of them trailing behind me. When we made it to the couples lounge… I parted the red curtain and stepped in. I was feeling quite a happy buzz that had settled in as I soaked in the vision in front of me. Off to the left was a woman straddling a man… his hands on her ass. To my right was a couple laying down… his spooned up behind her…. his fingers trailing up her side to her nipples. Sprinkled about was people clothed… talking… or making their way to their own state of undress.

There was an empty bed/lounge area… I plopped down onto it before remembering I needed to lay out a sheet. I stood back up and Ben helped me spread one out. When I laid back down I motioned for him to join me. Marilynn asked if she could join us… and so we had to figure out who would be in the middle. Knowing her sexual preference only swings towards the male gender… I let Ben be in middle.

As soon as we settled in.. I curled up to him… kissing him.. and letting my hands roam. Part of me didn’t want to make her uncomfortable… but she had asked to lay with us… so I let my horny buzz guide me. We made out for a bit before he asked if I’d be okay with his hands wandering on her… I was fine. And so after he had okayed it with her… his hands went promptly down her corset to her tits. I let my focus be on him… he was what mattered to me right then and there.

More touching more kissing… and he asked if I was okay with her hands wandering… I was.  I’m not totally sure what all was touched and so forth as I was preoccupied with my own exploration. It didn’t matter.. we were all having a good time, and that’s what mattered. Soon his hands were up under both our skirts… and his pants undone.

He tag teamed us with his hands like a pro… making us both moan in unison… it was quite the experience. We switched up between him pleasuring us… and then pleasuring him. It wasn’t long before his cock was in my mouth.. all out for display for anyone that walked in. Never did I think my husband was an exhibitionist… apparently he is.

Things were heating up in there… and I know that he doesn’t handle heat well… and so I suggested that we go find a cooler, private room.  Ben zipped up.. and we readjusted our skirts… then headed to a room. I laid out another sheet with Ben’s help. I lost my heels as did she.. then my garter and stockings. Ben’s lost his clothes… and ordered me to my knees. Marilynn was on a chair next to him when he reached down and started rubbing her clit and sliding his fingers deep in her cunt.

There were moans from another room…. and smacks… a tell tale sign someone was being spanked. How delicious. We stayed like this a bit before he told us to switch up. And so I found myself on the chair.. legs spread wide… feeling my wetness gush from my own pussy onto the chair.

We switched up some more… onto the bed… him taking turns eating both our pussies. Kissing him with a foreign pussy on his lips was definitely a different experience. Not a bad one mind you… just very different. Even tasting her lips on his cock was different. More changing.. different positions and so forth.. keeping it fresh…. and certainly lots of moaning was had.

He decided he wanted to spank us both. And so one of us would suck his cock as he spanked the other.. making sure neither of us was left out. When it was my turn to be spanked.. he was on his back and told me to lay on my stomach. My head was facing away when he told me to look at him. I turned to him…

“Someone else is sucking my cock while I spank you”, the words dripping from his mouth… so full of lust.  It was weird to me that didn’t shake me… it was very hot.

This all went on for a while… taking turns sharing Ben until she was exhausted and it was too warm to go on. We decided it was time to get cleaned up and find some food. We joked about how we didn’t know what time it was… since no cell phones are allowed. And so we cleaned up and put ourselves back together. I decided not to put on my stockings or garter again… instead I carried them around.  We left the room… sexually charged and in good spirits.

Looking back it was such a fun night. I was still pretty horny when we got home at three am. I think the thing that stood out to me most was how much of my own pleasure was derived from his pleasure. I have never experienced this before. Any threesome I have ever took part in.. was for my own benefit. It was always about me being pleasured in the process of the act. This time I did indeed get to cum and so forth but my true enjoyment came from looking at his face while her lips were wrapped around his cock. I hadn’t anticipated ever feeling this way. I always was a bit uneasy about that possibility. I still get a tingle between my legs talking about this… about some other woman sucking my husbands cock.

Emotions wise.. I felt pretty good… I had no twinge of jealousy. The only thing that did go on in my head was wondering if she was better than me. I am not niave enough to think that I am the best at everything… I just want to be the best he’s ever had.  I don’t want us to come across anyone that surpasses my abilities… selfish? Maybe. I mean, shouldn’t I want him to be satisfied completely? I do want that… but I want that to come from me.

He asked me repeatedly if I was okay with everything.  I was just fine… happy that he got to experience something different. I like knowing he is sated. This is what that whole thing was about for me. It was about him.. and his needs being taken care of.  The whole thing kind of makes me feel very submissive… putting his desires ahead of my own. I think it’s very cool that my own were gratified on the way to that.  And so I leave this experience feeling very good… with no regrets. It was fun to say the least.. even if I didn’t get to play with a girly. (Oh and btw… there was no previous plans for us to all play together… it just sort of.. happened. Go figure 🙂 )