We were out doing our household and grocery shopping.  We needed a new shower curtain. We wandered through the store picking up the stuff we needed and I made my way to the bathroom section. The first set of shower curtains I saw were way more than I wanted to spend and so I kept looking.  There just had to be more.

I rounded the corner followed by Ben. He had his face buried in his iPhone. He doesn’t care much about shopping but does like to come with me.  It’s one of the places I lead… shopping. He knows I’m at my prime there… with a premade list in hand and my attack route.  He lets me do my thing.

Anyways.. I rounded another corner and found more. There were boring clear ones… and a lime green one (which would have been nice)…. and blue ones… and so on. I looked up and there was some “designer ones” (their term… not mine). I looked them over and landed on a blue and green polka dotted one. I wanted it.

I looked at Ben, “I want that one… can I have the polka dotted one?”

“I don’t care”, he responded…. which is his response to most things of this nature.

I grabbed the one I wanted off the shelf and tossed it into the cart quite content. It really is the little things in life. We headed from that isle to pick up the last few things we needed and then headed to the grocery store.

I got to thinking about this interaction a little later. Three months ago I would have asked him if he cared which one I picked out… but totally would not have asked if I could have it. I didn’t even realize I had asked, it just came out like that. I can see where little things are coming out.. little everyday things… that are proof of the change of our relationship. It makes me smile.

So there you have it… he has control of shower curtain shopping too. 🙂