We were in bed… enjoying a lazy morning…. we have so few of those. I was content laying in his arms our nakedness pressed against each other. My mind wandered… I wanted to make him feel good… and so my hands wandered as well. My fingers traced the inside of his thighs and over his cock.  I caressed his balls… and back to his cock. I felt it grow under my hand.

I didn’t miss a beat and got onto my hands and knees… taking his hardness into my mouth and went to work. My head bobbed up and down.. my hands rubbed his balls… I switched it up… my fingers around the length of his dick… my mouth sucking the tip. I watched for how he reacted, what made his toes literally curl because some days… different things do the trick.

In my head I waited for his reaction… waited to see if he would he would touch me. His hands never even touched me at all… even though I made myself available to him… to his touch… for his pleasure. (Even if I would derive pleasure from it as well).  Either way… it turned me on to no ends.  The more I sucked him… the wetter I could feel my cunt getting. So much so… I felt it drip onto my leg.  I wanted him to know how wet I was… I wanted him to touch me. But want… doesn’t always get what you desire.

When he came… I curled back into his arms… content to have pleased my owner.  My head wandered some more in this happy but horny haze. I pretty much realized that I wasn’t going to be sated myself.. which was okay (but I certainly would have been okay with getting taken care of as well). My satisfaction would have to lye in knowing he had derived his pleasure from me. The wetness… the throbbing deep inside of me wasn’t satisfied with that though. My cunt doesn’t receive it’s satisfaction from pleasing someone else.

It was then… that I realized that for the rest of my life… my sexual relief… was in his hands. For the rest of my life… I wouldn’t have a normal relationship.. in which reciprocating is just polite. In  “normal” relationship if I make him cum… he’s expected to treat me in the same fashion. I don’t have that right anymore.. the right to expect that I should receive the same treatment.  It’s up to him when I get off… when I get sex… all of that. I cannot tell you what a loop that throws me for. It’s such a strange way of looking at things. Strange or not.. I like it… I find comfort in it. Who’d have thought it?

It certainly put things in perspective for me… in a way I’d not fully thought of. Not that it’s a bad thing. I take that as a good sign that I am completely comfortable in the change we have made. It’s a good thing indeed.

And for the record… he made me cum. 🙂