My friend is getting married next summer. I’ve been helping her plan and such and she has asked me to be her Maid of Honor (I refuse to call myself a Matron of Honor… that sounds soooo old!). Anyways… we went in to the local dress shop to look around and set an appointment to actually try some on. The owner ended up coming up and talking to us… and we chatted it up. She’s a chatty Cathy like me.

We talked about all sorts of stuff when out of the blue she raises her hand to her throat and said, “I love your coll- necklace! Where did you get it at?”

“Thank you! My husband got it for me… he special ordered it online… I’m not exactly sure where at.  I love it though!”, I said.. wondering if she meant to call it a collar.. and if she knew it was. Of course, I was lying somewhat.. as I knew exactly where he got it from. I wasn’t about to tell her where though… because that would certainly give it away…. and my friend would have been shocked I think.

“Oh I was just wondering because there’s this great sterling silver place and I thought it might be there. It’s beautiful either way.”, she said.. and that was that.

It makes me wonder what necklaces I see… that are really collars. There has been a few necklaces that I had to do a double take and wonder if they were that. This of course makes me feel like there is someone else out there like me.. living in my very own town. I wonder if it is.. what their dynamic is like… and so forth.  How many people do I see in my day to day life… share this in common with me?

I guess I’ll never know if the owners little slip was some sort of acknowledgment or if was really only a slip of the tongue.  Throughout the conversation, nothing else led me to think that she indeed knew. I guess that doesn’t really mean anything… most people would never say that yes, I am owned to a perfect stranger. Either way… I thought it was amusing to say the least.. and it made me think.

People are so complex… you just never know….