This week was one of learning.. and accepting. It was a week of being put in my place… and understanding my place in this relationship. Ben wanted to impress upon me what I am to him… and the control he has over me as a whole.

Thursday morning came… I had thought that perhaps he was going to torture me… to make he totally long for the sex and orgasm I was missing. I felt like I was handling it quite well after the initial reaction I had. I didn’t feel uncontrollably horny.. and I was kind of thankful for that.

I was working that day… and so was he. We always text each other first thing in the morning to chat a bit and start off the day on the right foot. We had chatted a bit… when I checked my email. He had updated my rules and sent them to me (post to follow on this). I mentioned that I got them. Then came something out of the blue… something unexpected… but something that hit me in this delicious sexual way.

“Every time you get a break or go to lunch I want you to rub your clit till you almost cum. NO cumming. And while you are doing that think about the caning that you will be receiving tonight. I want you to be very horny and wet tonight. Text me everytime you do also. When you get home I want you showered, shaved, and your ass ready for me to can, abuse, fuck, whatever I please. You will be kneeling in the living room, with you ass facing the kitchen. You will have the cane waiting for me and some rough porn playing.”

I had already had my first break… and was actually going to be leaving work instead I took too bathroom breaks to take the place of my lunch and break. By the time the second trip was over… I was very wet. I was very much looking forward to the night at hand. There is something very exciting about being some place public where you can be caught that causes the excitement to intensify.

Since I had went home early… Ben changed up his initial plan a little. I was to rub my clit every hour on the hour when I got home.. again no cumming. I had four rubbing sessions before he’d be home… by the second.. I was a puddle. I was so much so.. that I was for sure I was going to get the couch wet. Each time it was just that much harder not to cum… and to the point that I’d have to breathe deeply once getting to that point not to drop over the edge. The last thing I wanted to was to disappoint him… resulting in punishment and possible extension on not being able to cum. No way was I going to mess up!

Throughout this process I was getting ready for his arrival home… showering… finding porn… and having his drink and cane ready. All was done when I heard him pull into the driveway. I got on the floor.. pushed play… and waited with only my collar on.

I could hear him rustling about behind me.. even over the porn. He shut the windows… put his keys down… and finally walked to me. He wrapped his arms around me…  touched me… his hands feeling where he wanted.  Then they left me… and I could hear his clothes being taken off… and then felt the coolness of his skin against mine. I sighed… and closed my eyes.

Next is a little bit of a blur… I was pushed forward… face down.. ass up… there was caning. I felt in control of my reactions… that I could breathe through the pain.. and was doing a pretty good job. I felt proud of myself… and hoped he was too. Then he decided it was time for his shower…. and left me saying something that I couldn’t make out. I decided it was best I stay put.

When he came out.. I hadn’t moved… he noticed.. and was pleased. He cooed good girl.. and I felt happy all over.  More blurry memory… there was teasing though… more caning…. sucking.. all the yummy things. I wanted to cum so badly. He knew it too… but still didn’t allow it.  At some point he finally fucked me… finally filled me with his cock… I felt so needy.

We moved to the couch… then to the bed. His fingers stretched my ass… and then his cock. A vibe was added to the mix. No cumming still… more torturing.. my fingers on my clit. I had to stop a few times… I was so close… I needed it so bad… I whined when I was told no. Both my holes filled… cock in my ass… vibe in my cunt… and finally at some point… the no turned to a yes. When I was finally allowed…. I couldn’t cum. I had held back all day… it was hard to turn that off.  I managed though.. to push past that barrier… and when it hit… it was good… and intensified to amazing… and then past there. It rocked me to my core… and I felt drained immediately.

He wasn’t done though. He kept fucking my ass… and told me to keep cumming. I did, over and over… till it was too much.. till I was so tired… I needed him to cum too. I needed some relief… some rest… I was worn out to the very center of my being. I begged him to cum… and was told he would when he felt like it.

Ages felt like they passed… I came some more… and finally… he was ready to join me…. filling my ass with his cum. The intense afternoon was debauchery was over.. and he laid beside me. I was sore all over… too much time spent in weird positions I suppose. It was well worth the wait though.

I very much enjoyed being made to wait… it was a good reminder that my body is not mine anymore, but his. It certainly is a different way of thinking. More on that subject next time.