After leaving the room.. we tossed our sheet into the dirty laundry and headed down stairs. Ben and I checked out the dance floor to see if Marilynn was down there… she wasn’t. Since we wasn’t, we decided we were hungry.

We found the buffet area  and saw that they’d changed over to breakfast. We sat down at the table and he sent me to get him a plate of food. I went and gathered two plates for us to share and we sat to eat. We were surprised at how good the food really was. Usually buffet style food isn’t all that good… so that was nice.

After we were done eating.. we just sat, talked, and continued people watching. It wasn’t long after we were done that Marilynn and Robert walked by draped in sheets and towels.. heading to the shower.  We stayed at our table till she finished up.

She grabbed a slice of cake and sat down with us. Robert came up soon and chatted us all up. He asked if we had a good time… and of course we did.  He hung around a bit then decided to head off to socialize some more.  We decided we were all tired… and that it was time to head home. We walked out of the club with a bounce in our step after a great night out… even if us girls’ feet hurt.


I would say that our night out was really fun. It would have been nice to dip our toe in the swinger ways… but I kind of think that we have a don’t approach us look about us. That’s something we’ll have to figure out. We will definitely be going back. I think this was the best way to ease us in… to be comfortable. I’m really glad that Marilynn had a good time… and got her groove on hehe.

Highlights from my night:

There was this chick with a g string on… she had a great ass… oh my lord did she! I wanted to touch it lol.

There was also this guy walking around with just boots on… it was kind of amusing. I’m not sure I could walk around like that.. I’m confident.. but not that confident.

Ben sent me to get water and food for him… I love that! I love doing as he asks… it makes me feel very kept.  Its hard to describe the feeling of serving him like that.. but its a good one.

The kissing when Ben grabbed my collar… hot hot hot… I’ll remember that for a long, long time. It makes me all lusty for him… makes me feel so much at his whim… makes me feel so owned.

And obviously.. the sex is the biggest highlight of my night. Ben is the best lover I have ever had… hands down. No one has ever came close to how amazing the sex with him is. I am a lucky girl.


So that’s my night in a nutshell. It was nice to try something new… and add it to my list of things I’ve done. It was an experience for sure… and I look forward to having more nights there. There is a twisted night where they transform the place into a dungeon. We want to go to that one really bad…. that just means I’ll have to buy some fetish wear… and apparently some new fishnets!