We headed back towards the food area… I ducked into the couples lounge to see if we could find a more comfy spot there. It was pretty packed.. all the beds were taken so instead we found an empty spot and started making out again.  Between the intoxication of alcohol (and no I wasn’t drunk) and lust… I was pretty entranced by Ben. We didn’t stay long in there and decided to find some where more our speed.

We made our way upstairs… we kissed some more…. only aware of each other at this point. We’d break for a few minutes to look around….. at the orgy bar there was a guy with a violet wand. I so wanted to try it out but it was wayyy too crowded to get to it.  We went back to focusing on each other… hands roaming still. It wasn’t long till we found an open room… and made it ours.

Ben went about shutting the door and curtain once we got in. He’s not much on being watched. Once he was done we found each other immediately.. our bodies pressed against each other… the sound of the club still thumping in the background. You could still hear the voices of the people standing just outside the room… to say it was a different experience… puts it lightly.

I started to unbutton his shirt, but he stopped me. I stood there waiting for what he wanted… he took off his pants and pushed me to the floor. I took his cock into my mouth… the thrill of the moment intensifying my senses. I slipped off my shoes as my feet were killing me… then my hands found their way back to his thighs.  Time passed… we stayed like this… me giving him pleasure. I do so very much love it… making him feel good… it in itself turns me on so much.

When he had his fill of my mouth.. he stripped me of my pants. I was turned and bent over the mattress on the floor. His cock slid into me with such ease… eliciting a moan of pleasure.  I could feel each thrust with such intensity… it was just so surreal. Here we were fucking with such passion… and there were tons of people only feet away… going on with their night as if nothing else was going on. You’d think I’d be concerned about making noises… but I didn’t care about that. He said something… something I couldn’t make out.. and when I asked him what it was… he told me to touch my clit. I rubbed between my legs… feeling him fucking me as I did so.

We switched it up a bit… I climbed onto the bed… allowing him access back inside of me. My hands found his chest.. but only stayed there momentarily till he ordered me to make myself cum. He bucked deep inside of me.. hitting bottom.. moans randomly escaping my lips. My fingers went to work on my clit… making circles.. feeling that familiar build grow inside of me. When my orgasm cum.. my legs tightened around him… and I was suddenly even more wet… flooded around his cock.

He kept thrusting into me… my free hand running against his chest… brushing his nipples. His movements were becoming more hurried… more needy. I could feel his lust for me… his need to fill me with his cum. And when he finally did… it was like a wave of endorphins rushed over me.. this feel of satisfaction… my lover was sated.

We lay next to each other after… feeling that afterglow of amazing sex. We talked back and forth for a few minutes before he got up to clean up (they provide wipes and such… very handy). I laid there and cleaned up…. not ready to stand. In the next room we could hear a woman’s moan… and I imagined someone going down on her… the way her body was arching… the build of her orgasm. Ben sat down… and we joked that it was Marilynn. After all.. it could have been.. she could have been in any of those rooms.

Even after that I wasn’t ready to move.. I still was horny… I still needed the release of cumming again. He laid next to me… and I reached for my pussy… my fingers finding my clit. He rolled towards me… running his fingers up and down my thigh… telling me to cum for him. I rubbed… and stimulated myself… but I needed more… I needed him.

I nudged him… till he moved… till he was between my legs… sliding his fingers in me. I so love that… the way they fill me… how his fingertips curve up… how it makes me feel almost over stimulated. I continued working myself over… building to that coveted high. I was so close.. I could feel it… I just had to have it. It crept up on me… it built slow… and then the peak hit hard… like the winds of an unexpected tornado.

After I composed myself… it was time to clean up our mess… and leave our little haven.  We left our room… well fucked… and floating.