We had went to bed last night and I was feeling… friendly. And so when my kisses lingered… his interest was peaked. Before long I found my lips wrapped around Ben’s cock (oh do I love that)…. and his fingers rubbing my clit.  I was a happy girl.. well on my way to being fucked… or so I thought.

Out of no where I was told I wasn’t going to cum… I whined… I did not like that idea at all! I was horny damn it! He told me I was not going to get to cum till Thursday.. and that was only after a thorough caning and if I had been good. I whined more… this was not sounding like fun to me at all. No penetration… no sex… nothing he’d continue on… oh and stop whining. I hated the thought of it.. not being able to sate my horniness… I get so cranky after two days… and here I was going to have to wait a total of five days to have any sort of sexual relief.  I hated it… but why the hell was was my cunt so drenched??

He continued rubbing my clit.. and I ached to feel his fingers slide inside of me… an ache that would not be satisfied that night. The only person achieving that was going to be him. In my head I thought it was truly unfair of him to take something so important away from me. He assured me that I was not in trouble… but that he wanted to make a point to me…. that my body was not mine… that it was his. He would use it how he wanted… and I would accept that. After all… D/s is not fair.

After he came down my throat… he said it was time for bed. I laid there… a throbbing between my legs… my mind racing… and would do so most of the night. My brain… nor my pussy shut down last night. In my head I ran through a gamete of emotions. The thought of him taking that… restricting me in such a way really turned me the hell on obviously. There was not a point throughout the night and into today that my pussy was not wet. Yet because I was so turned on… I knew my body was and mind would find no rest last night. I felt contained… and thirsted for more.

It was a mind fuck of epic proportions… it still is. By Thursday I’m going to be a big ball of horny. In a way I want him to torture me… to torment me… to take pleasure from me.. and give me none. There is something so delicious about that. I like the idea of him using me to satisfy his needs and desires… after all.. that is one of the reasons he owns me.  And even though I love the thought and act of that… there is a bit of me that’s still whining inside. I want to be taken care of too!  I can’t help but pout… and be sad. I know its for the best.. and the reason behind it. I want this too… but that doesn’t make this easy for me… not at all.  My sexuality is a big part of who I am… and taking that simple pleasure from me… is difficult on me.

Like I said, though.. I  want him to take full advantage of it… to drive the point home in my brain. At the end of the day… its his decision and he knows my inner workings very well… so he’ll do what he thinks is best.  Being owned means not always getting what you want… but boy do I want him to use my mouth again tonight…