When we made it down stairs we sat at a table… listening to music and sipping on drinks. We’d point out someone or something (shoes in my case lol) and talk about it. The visual was quite fun. One of the people that stood out was a guy with a brown cowboy hat on… and floaties on  his arms and around his waist. They had a pre-party at the nude beach in town earlier in the day… and that was welcome to be carried into the club… obviously he took it very seriously.

At some point the floaty guy made his way over to us. He asked if it was our first time and if we were having a good time. He commented about how we were lucky to have Marilynn with us.. and we chuckled. Told him that she was only our friend… not with us.  He seemed pretty pleased with that and started chatting her up closely. I’m fairly sure he asked if he could touch her because soon her was very much in her bubble… hands on her legs and such. We were pretty happy for her.. we were concerned that she’d have a bad time.. and feel like a third wheel.

Soon floaty guy aka Robert made his way back into the sea of people to socialize some more. I had kept seeing this one single guy floating around the room. He was fairly attractive and no one was really talking to him. I’m sure its hard to be a single guy in a place like that… takes some balls to come there I think.  I pointed him out to Ben… who pointed him out to Marilynn. He suggested she go ask him to dance. She said no way.

At some point she and I went and shook our asses on the floor for a bit. The dance floor would fill and empty based off the song that was playing… and so at any given time.. it would be full.. or almost empty. I personally don’t like dancing when there isn’t people on the floor. So, when it emptied… I decided it was time to sit back down. We continued watching… seeing some groping going on.. and various body parts making their presence seen. It was a sight to be seen… Ben and I were having quite a good time. We’d kiss each other… my hands would wander between his legs… and his fingers found their way in my shirt till his fingers were teasing my nipples.

Marilynn headed back to the bar to get a new drink… and Ben took this chance to approach the single guy to suggest he ask her to dance. By the time she made it back to the table and settled back in…. the single guy disappeared. I figured that he just wasn’t interested and chalked it up to his loss. Barely any time passed before Robert made his way back to the table. This time he was more hands on… if that was possible lol. Ben and I smiled at each other and went off into our own world… of watching and touching each other.

When Robert departed again… the single swooped in. We were impressed at how smooth he was. Marilynn went off to the dance floor with him… dancing close and chatting a little. The problem with the single guy was that he wasn’t aggressive enough… he didn’t take the initiative that was staring him in the face. And so… in the end… he missed out on his lack of action. She came back to the table after she danced for a bit looking quite toasted… and quite horny. I mean, who wouldn’t be after dancing up against someone.. and being felt up by another.

I saw Robert up on the balcony eying our table. When he saw Marilynn sit back down.. he disappeared… I leaned into Ben saying I knew that he’d be down where we were again. I was right. Only a minute or two had passed before he appeared at the table again. This time… so much more touchy…. it was kind of surreal. Next thing we knew… she was telling us that she was going to a room.

When she left…. we felt the weight of needing to entertain her lift off our shoulders… it was our time to have fun. We started focusing more on just us… kissing each other. My fingers roamed to between his legs.. rubbing up and down his cock. His fingers copied… rubbing me through the fabric of pants. He mentioned he wished I had my skirt on… so did I! His other hand found my collar… wrapping his fingers around it… I felt drunk with arousal. I needed him… needed to feel him inside of me. It was time to find our own room.