Last night was a first for us. I do very much enjoy trying new things.. the excitement of the unknown… its just awesome. We went to a swingers club with a friend of ours last night… and it truly was an experience. We really stepped out of little comfort box (but didn’t completely smash it).

I had planned out my outfit… it was pink night there… so I had a pink and black top… black form fitting skirt.. fishnets and black heels. When I went to go get ready… one of my stockings were MIA… which dismayed me beyond all belief. I didn’t have another pair of stockings and my legs are in need of some sun… and so I nixed the skirt and tossed on a pair of black dress pants. I was still disappointed about it though.

I had asked Ben earlier in the day if he wanted me to wear my plug before we left because he had mentioned something about maybe wearing it to the club. I really didn’t want to mainly because sometimes it becomes uncomfortable and wouldn’t have anywhere to store it if I had to take it out. Ultimately, this wasn’t my choice… and I ended up putting it as I was getting dressed.

We headed down… a 45 minute drive away from out house. I drove down… and surprisingly I wasn’t nervous. The last time we did something like this… I wasn’t either. Perhaps I’m evolving.  We parked and headed in. There’s no sign outside… other than the street number and a doorman there waiting to let people in. He saw us coming.. greeted us.. then opened the door for us. We stepped into this small dark room with a desk. We were met by someone else at the desk… who pointed us in the direction of a blond woman who was going to give us a tour of the club.

She shook all our hands and walked us through the doorway into the first room. To the left was the bar and in front of us was the dance floor with a few tables off to the right. The music was already going.. and staff was walking around… attending to their pre-opening duties. She told us some of the basic rules and such before we headed back through another doorway into the buffet area. She explained that they served dinner till 12:30… cookies came out then… and was followed up by breakfast.

Off to the right was a little cove they call the couples room with curtains and beds with cushions… it looked quite cozy. She said this room tended to be very popular since it was a couples and single women area only. We carried on back out and to the back of the first floor to the private rooms. These rooms had windows and doors or the option of pulling the curtains. You can be as open or closed as you want… and no one can enter if the curtain is drawn or the door is closed. She explained the clean up process and such. It was nice to see how clean they were… a big plus of course.

From there we headed up the stairs… they are kind of narrow.. and for this reason there’s no sex on the stairs. That made us laugh. At the top of the stairs is another grouping of private rooms. One of which has a sex swing (that we are so going to try next time!). Off to the right is what they call the orgy bar. The whole area is one big mattress with a sheet on it with a tv playing porn. It was something to behold. Further through was the balcony area with seats and a lit up stripper pole. Our friend, Marilynn, tried it out.. apparently she was a stripper in her past life… when she was going to college. You learn something new everyday.

After the tour she took us down stairs to do our membership paperwork and pay. It was a fairly quick process. We were banded with party bracelets and set loose to explore at our whim. We started at the bar. I ordered a strawberry daiquiri… Marilynn followed suit…  and Ben had a whiskey sour (the best he’s had in a long time… he said that several times through the night). We wandered back upstairs… things were still fairly slow as it was still early in the night. We hung around… not ready to hit the empty dance floor yet… drinking and chatting with each other.

We people watched as other started to trickle in. We were pleasantly surprised at the array of individuals that came in. We felt very comfortable… which is very important. Once there was a fair amount of bodies down by the dance floor we decided to head down and see what the night lay in store for us.