I have a very short list of rules… compared to some. I wouldn’t say that he’s big on rules… only that the ones he does have… he expects them to be followed.

Last night we were getting ready to go to sleep… I sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at my nightstand. There sat my black njoy box. This sinking feeling fell over me.. and I realized… I’d forgotten something. I am supposed to wear my njoy plug two hours a day. There is not specific time I have to do it at (unless he says otherwise) just as long as I do it before the day is out.

I hoped deep down inside that he wouldn’t realize… I really didn’t want to get in trouble.. especially since this wasn’t the first time I’d forgotten. The fact was that there was a lot going on yesterday…. but at the end of the day.. I signed up for this. It is my job… my duty.. to do as he says and follow his rules. In this… I failed. I knew it… but I wasn’t sure if he knew it.

We both got fully into bed and go comfortable. We idly chatted… but in my head.. I was thinking about not obeying the rule. I knew I needed to confess. I wanted this… all of it… including being kept inline when I misbehaved. If I didn’t tell him, then it really defeats the purpose. I decided that I’d wait till in the morning… because every time I thought about telling him, my stomach would do a flip flop. The only bad thing about this was, if I waited, it’d loom over my head all the next day till he got home to deal with me. AND that’s if he could deal with it right away… it could be a full 24 hours before he could handle the situation. That really didn’t seem like a viable option.

So, by the time it was time for sleep and he was kissing me good night.. mid kiss… I confessed. He was quiet… and I tried to explain.. and apologize. He said to get up.. and I asked for him to wait till the next day. I really, really didn’t want to be punished. He said I’d done the crime that day… we’d deal with it.. that day. I said no more… and got up from the bed. He turned on the light and I walked to the corner of the bed to wait.

I can’t remember if he pushed me into the bed.. or if I bent, it makes no difference. I braced for what I knew was coming… and felt the sharp sting of the wire hanger hit my ass. I gasped and tried to stay quiet… but before I could regain my composure… the second one hit my ass. He told me to get back in bed.. and I crawled impishly back to my spot… saying nothing. I felt very much like a scolded little girl…. who wanted nothing more than to shrink into nothingness. I knew I was wrong… and I knew I deserved to be corrected… but it doesn’t mean I had to like it.

I laid on my back.. feeling the warm sting.. the aftermath of what just transpired. The room was silent… I assumed.. that was that… and it was time for sleep. Minutes passed… maybe? Then suddenly out of no where he kicked off his covers… and told me to suck his cock. I didn’t hesitate… and got to my knees.. taking his already very hard cock into my mouth. He pulled my ass in his direction and started to rub my clit. He warned that I better not cum. This wasn’t hard at first. I just stayed focused on my task at hand… trying to keep nothing but my head in the game. If I didn’t think about it.. surely my body wouldn’t respond… yeah… right.

It didn’t take long before it was work to stay focused on not cumming. I was dripping wet. He told me to ride him… again reminding me not to cum… but to play with my tits. I did this for a while before being told to suck him again. At some point we moved around… and I was on my back. He slid so effortlessly into me and started to fuck me. I was told to rub my clit.. still no cumming. It felt so good.. words can’t really describe. The ache deep inside of me was so hard not to feed… so hard not to go over the edge.

“Should I let you cum?”, he asked.. still fucking my cunt as I rubbed.

“No”, I replied.

“Why not?”

“Because I broke a rule”, I responded.

“Very good, why else?”

“Because you said I shouldn’t”

“Very good, I almost should let you cum for such a good answer”, he said… with a certain purr in his voice. I could hardly hang on. I felt so contained… so owned… so objectified. Before, I would have felt… bad… but it didn’t feel bad… it felt earned. I felt put in my place… he was showing who was in charge… and it certainly wasn’t me.

“You’re not going to cum. And I’m not going to cum in your cunt either…. I’m going to cum down your throat”, he said with presence. I whimpered. I really wanted to cum… no… needed to cum. It was almost too much to bare.

Nevertheless… it didn’t matter that I needed to cum. What mattered is that he was going to use me how he needed… I hadn’t earned the right to cum… I had let him down. For this… I needed to be taught a lesson… and so.. there would be no cumming for me. When he was ready… he had me get on my knees… and fucked my face till he dumped his seed into my mouth. I swallowed like a good girl… and stayed on my knees till I was told otherwise.

When he ordered me into bed… I felt… turned on.. and chastised… and guilty… but not bad in a bad way. I didn’t feel like he loved me less… and so I would said it was a punishment carried out well.  I don’t like being in trouble. I don’t think anyone does. I do, however… like feeling contained. I like feeling controlled. It really is a weird mixture of feelings. I don’t want to disappoint him… but to say I never will is a high place to set a goal. This will not be the last time I am punished… I know this. I’m going to try really hard to make sure this is the last time I’m punished for this.

I’ve set a reminder in my phone.. so even on work nights… I’ll make my two hours with no problem if I don’t remember. It’s set for seven every night. Hopefully this will keep me out of trouble since everyday life isn’t always conducive to remembering everything.  I am just me… and I can only keep trying to get it right and please him.