I work in a bakery. I’ve worked there for six years now… and I love what I do. It’s fun and challenging at times. It’s nice that I have the freedom to be creative sometimes… while still sticking to the company’s idea of how they want their cakes and products to look.

These are our two ovens… they are busy most of the day with various things we make. I almost never use them because well… I’m not a baker. 🙂 During the winter after I come back from lunch or break I’m usually cold… and always head for one of these to warm myself in. Two minutes in a 400 degree oven always does the trick!

This is our big mixer that is used to make my butter cream and other things on. It’s actually taller than I am. KitchenAid has nothing on this mixer hehe. When I snapped this picture, they were busy making lemon meringues.

The bowl above is where the icing is made then it is transferred into this hip high bucket. We have three (two for white and one for chocolate) and go through several of these a week. That bucket was full this morning and only has about a fourth left in it now… we were kind of busy today.

This is our top fancier case…. the finished product. It always makes me smile when people walk up and say things like they’re just drooling or that the stuff in that case looks amazing. We get asked all the time if it is even real. It’s pretty cool.

But… that’s my bakery… where I spend forty hours of my week at. There are certainly worse places to work.