>I often wonder how anyone finds my blog. I know that over time.. my obsession of blogs has formed that I’ve ran across many blogs. The thing about it is.. I really don’t remember how I found most of them. I wonder if that’s true for everyone… that they don’t remember how the stumbled across someone’s personal space on the world wide web.

I know that I generally only give only give a new blog one or two posts.. and if I can’t grab my attention.. I move on. I wonder how many would be readers I’ve missed because of few boring or bad posts between the ones I deem good. I’m sure I am not alone in that action… and I’m sure that most people will give it less than one post. But. I could be wrong.

Anyways.. the point… the point is… I just wonder how you found my blog. I would be interested in finding out.. IF you remember. 🙂