>I kicked off my birthday on Saturday morning… yes… a day early. When I woke up… I realized that my clothes that I had washed the night before…. were in fact still wet. I groggily stumbled through the house… noticing that Ben had left the light on in the kitchen/dining room when he had left for work.

Now.. here is where I’m going to make us look a little lame. We had a poker party on New Year’s Eve right? Well we had hung a HNY banner… well that we never took down. Why you ask? Well… honestly I have no idea why we have not taken it down… so yes…

I noticed said banner on the table… and thought it was kind of odd… that he would take it down, he must have got tired of looking at it right? I kept walking… then tossed my clothes into the dryer. I figured that I had a few minutes to pass before I could get dressed… so I sat down on the couch to check my email… that is when I noticed this..

I called him to thank him… then got dressed for work. I headed out the door… then found his next surprise…

He also filled my car with balloons and a blinkie “It’s my birthday” pin… it was very sweet.

The rest of the day was uneventful… other than my allergies kicking my ass… by the end of the work day.. I was feeling pretty shitty. I had to buck it up though… I had a party to go to. A co-worker of mine is moving.. and we were having a going away party.

I jumped in the shower and headed out shortly after. We planted ourselves in the bar of the restaurant. I ordered my first drink almost immediately. After a hour of being there… I had downed three… and was feeling no pain.

Ben joined us shortly after…. he was there to pick me up after work basically…. no driving for Sierra. Needless to say.. I was giggly.. and kinda stupid. Buttttttttttt I had a great time… before I passed out when we got home.

I can only imagine the stories that will be told about me at work on Tuesday…