>In the darkness of our room… laying in bed.. our bodies touching…. I felt his hand snake up my side and to my nipple. He toyed with it gently… taking the protrusion between his fingers and teasing it. I let out a little sigh at the unexpected contact.

It wasn’t long before the soft handling became rough… when the rolling of my nipple became a pinch and a tug. My back bowed under the onslaught… but there was not mistaking my growing lust. As the pain shot through my body, it only made me want more… no… need more.

He took my hand and placed it on his cock… a little nudge that I should be doing something… not just laying there enjoying my treatment. I happily started to stroke as his other hand made its way to my pussy.

He dipped his fingers in slowly finding it already wet and waiting. His thumb rested on my clit.. making little circles as the other ones moved in and out taunting my hole. The other hand magically appeared down south as well… taking a grip on the tender flesh. He pinched hard and I gasped at the sudden change in pain. I have a love hate relationship with any sort of suffering surrounding my pussy.

Soon both hands were working me over… pinching and pulling… extracting any and every ounce of affliction they could. I tried hard to stay focused on my task at hand.. stroking his cock was the only thing that was keeping me where I was… and not ten feet away in agony. The funny thing about that is… if I were to flee… I would only be longing to be back… enduring what he was giving me.

He seemed quite pleased with himself…. enjoying causing such pain on his sweet little wife.

“I love hurting your pussy”, he said… cocky as he could be. I felt a surge through my body that went straight to my groin.

Again, one of his hands migrated.. this time covering my nose and mouth…. I drew in a deep breath knowing what his movement meant. This time he tugged on my cunt lips really hard and a muffled scream escaped. His hand pressed down harder as I tried to compose myself under the conditions. He repeated this several times.

Soon he was pulling away from me and getting off the bed… dragging my body with him. My mouth took his waiting cock all the way in as he began to fuck my face at a steady rhythm. His hands slide down my back… lifted slightly… then slapped down on my ass. I yelped mid suck but didn’t miss a beat on keeping him in my mouth.

Another slap… then another… alternating between each side… then down the middle… which I hate… I loath… and not in a good way. I cannot begin to describe how much that hurts, and I’m not sure why.

I wiggled… hoping that he would move onto other places… luckily he did…. for then. He then drug his fingertips up my back… from the base to my shoulders… scratching me with what little nails he has…. I was in heaven…. it was exactly what I needed… to take away from the discomfort of the spanking.

It was not to last long as his hand swung down on my ass again… as I cried out… him still fucking my face. Again, moving side to side… giving equal attention to each. When he tired of that he flipped me over on my back, my head hanging off the side of the bed.

He slid easily into my mouth… returning to the business of fucking my face… causing me to gag and sputter as he hit the back of my throat. Ben’s fingers twisted my nipples briefly before inching down to my sopping cunt.

“Lets see if you can cum while I hurt your pussy”, he said. My hand went obediently down to my clit… making circles while he tugged on my pussy lips again. I made fast little circles… knowing I was already pretty worked up. It wasn’t long before my body was convulsing from the mixture of pleasure and pain… and oh what a wonderful mix it was.

He didn’t let up though… he kept on. He pinched and pulled and tugged until there my face was wet with tears and begging him to stop- only for him to ask me if I really wanted him to stop. Which of course, I didn’t. I wanted him to hurt me.. just as much as he wanted to.

This went on for a bit longer before he turned my body so that he could enter me… my legs draped over his shoulders. He fucked me hard as I dug my fingers into the bed… screaming out. All the while he was still torturing my flesh….. making my body bow under his touch.

It wasn’t long before he was shooting his cum deep insde of me…. not long before I wrapped my legs around him to keep him from leaving…. not long before I felt so weak I could bearly crawl up to our pillows…. not long before I was wrapped in my lovers arms….