>If I were to die tomorrow… I could look back and say…. I lived my life the best way I knew how.

I knew love and hurt…. I knew how good a hard days work felt.

I would know how good basking in the summer sun feels on your skin.. and how that can turn a bad day around.

I would know that I was lucky… lucky to have a wonderful husband that comes home to me every night… that shows me everyday just how much he loves me… that there is nothing he would not do for me.

I would know the joy being a parent brings…. the way they do something silly or kind… and it makes your heart explode with such love… such pride… such devotion.

I would know that sometimes people hurt you for no other good reason than to just do it…. and that all you can really do is move forward.

I would know the heartache of losing a parent to death… but also would have come to the realization of just how much he meant to me.

I would have known that friends aren’t always forever.. and that few things are.

I would have known what it was like to come from nothing… to work hard to overcome that… and be better off in life than I ever expected.

I would know that a pet is a wonderful thing to have… to love… they too have a special place in ones life.. just like a family member.

I would know that love is powerful… and even though it does not conquer all…. the world would be a sad… empty place without it.

I would know that I loved my life… that I wouldn’t change it.. even the hard times.

I would know that I had not seen all the places I wanted, but that I sure was trying.

I would have known what it felt like to laugh until I cried… until my chest hurt from doing so.

I would have known how wonderful sex is… and that it can be an Earth shattering thing.

I would have known how taking part in a snowball fight makes you feel like your ten again.

I would have known what true beauty is… and that it is really hard to put into words…. and how that beauty takes your breath away.

I would know that sometimes you just have to cry… sometimes its the only thing that will take the weight off you in that moment.

I would have known… I was true to me and my family… that the things that were most important to me were always number one… that no matter how many years I was lucky enough to live on this world… I lived… every moment of each day.. and that is all I can do… is just be.