>My whole sex life.. I’ve had an impression… this image… or knowledge that has of late been questioned in my mind. I have always thought that men were hornier and thought of sex more than women. This was hard for me to believe since I always thought of it.. a large percent of my day.. how on Earth could a man think of it more? But this is how it seemed. Every where I looked, there were horny men. End of story right?

Not so much.

Ben and I were having a conversation. I asked him if he thought about sex through out his day… like I do. He said not really… which… was hard to swallow (no pun). This cannot be right. The world is geared towards sex… there is really no where you can go.. nothing you can watch… that you won’t encounter something sexual.

Even with that… this means.. people think about sex a lot right? Maybe not… maybe Ben is right.. and its all about sex selling. So this leaves me to have to rethink my world. For me to have to be able to deal with sex on the brain. I try very hard not to let it over take me… but it does. There is not a day that passes that its not on my mind and how I want it. Hell, I’d go far enough to say…. there is not a hour that passes.

So does this mean that women want/think of sex more? I mean really…. I want to know. It’s not like I can walk up to men I know and ask… that does not seem appropriate. So this really leaves me to throw it out to my readers.. and hopppppppppeeee that you love me enough to give me your thoughts. Maybe even then I wont have a definite answer.. but maybe I’ll be closer to something.

So that is it… that’s my thoughts on it… let me have it 🙂