>Ben and I slept in this morning… and when we woke up… it was about the same time. We laid in bed… just enjoying being against each other. One of those lazy mornings where you don’t have to get up and be anywhere so you take in that moment.

I could feel the stir in me.. that desire of wanting. Ben was on his back and so I rolled over on my side… thoughts running through my mind of all the things I wanted him to do to me. He rolled over and wrapped his arm around me and so I wiggled back into this body letting his cock rest in the crease of my ass. My heart beat a little faster.

We laid like that for a bit… and I could hear his breathing fall into a easy pattern. He had obviously fallen back asleep. This did not make my thirst for him go away though… it just presented a new challenge to me.

I pushed my hand gently under his arm and started caressing his hips. I stroked slowly but with a sexual touch to it. Sometimes only with my finger tips.. and other times with my whole hand… as my mind wandered. From time to time my hand would wander down to right next to his cock… trying to get the response I was hoping for.

After a while… with nothing happening… I was frustrated… horny… and not getting anywhere. I finally stopped and rolled away to pout. I always can get him going that way… and for some reason… it wasn’t working this morning.

As I did this.. he asked where I was going… I said no where… but was full of disappointment. He wrapped his arm around me again and pulled me back into his body. His hand found my chest… and wandered down to my nipple.. stroking it gently. It was then I realized that he was no longer soft… but at full attention against my ass.

He rested his face against my neck and started kneading my breast harder. My hand reached back and started touching him.. running my hands over his hip…till it finally found his cock. I began stroking him slowly… loving the way it felt in my hand.

His hand reached down and found my hungry pussy. He stroked it making my body shiver… getting it nice and wet for his entry. I spread my knees and he slid deep inside of me with a moan of pleasure escaping my throat. I had ached for this… the feeling of his cock inside of my cunt.. and I was getting exactly what I wanted.

Our bodies began to glide together… in a movement that was almost choreographed. His hand came up around the front of me… finding my throat and grasping it. I could feel the muscles in my pussy tighten around him.

He whispered for me to cum… to cum now for him. It didn’t take long for my body to respond to such treatment. I came hard all over him.. with a force that pushed him out of my pussy.

After this… he slid back in and I began to fuck him harder… pushing back into him… feeling full. Soon his hands found my face and blocked me from breathing. I could feel myself getting wetter…. as the words from earlier poured from his mouth… and like earlier.. a violent orgasm ripped through my body.

This time, Ben used my wetness to slide into my ass…. a feeling a welcomed. At first he went in partially.. then pressed hard till he was deep inside my ass. Surprisingly to me… it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be… it felt- amazing.

He fucked my ass roughly… his hands about my throat again. I was loving every minute of his assault trying to hold my breath and gasping when I couldn’t. I could feel the build in his body… I could feel his orgasm coming.. and I welcomed it.

Before long… Ben spilled his seed in my ass…. filling me full… making me feel content and proud. He slipped out and I leaned back against him feeling the glow of great sex.