>I love the way you smell. I always have. I could lay against you forever just soaking in your fragrance…. if I never believed in pheromones before you.. I surely do now.

I love how your eyes sparkle when you look at me… the way they light up when you say you love me.

I love how you text me each morning to say hello, ask me about my day, and tell me you love me.

I love how wrap the towel around me after our showers… it’s such a simple gesture, but I adore it.

I love that you tell me good bye in the morning and give me a kiss… and never forget.

I love how you adore me for who I am…. that you’ve never tried to change me… and embrace every part of my body, mind, and soul.

I love how you do things for my children and how protective of them you are. I brings a smile to my face each night they hug and kiss you good night.

I love how you help clean the house and never complain. Laundry included.

I love how you’ve encouraged and joined in on my erotic side… I love that we see eye to eye on that. I love that you get just as much from our play as I do.

I love how you link your arm with mine when we walk.. and open my doors before I even have a chance to. AND how you put your hand on the small of my back as you do so *shiver*.

I love how you make me laugh… and how silly I can be with you, that you don’t make me feel like I’m being silly because you play along… we just get each other.

I love how you hold me and listen about something that’s bothering me or if I had a bad day… your arms always make me feel better.

I love the way you kiss… oh… my.. goodness… do I ever! I love that you can still take my breath away with just a simple touch of your lips.

I love that you come have lunch with me sometimes… makes the work day a little more bearable.

I love that we enjoy the same tv shows and movies… even if we don’t agree on music… two out of three ain’t bad.

But most of all.. I love you… because you are you… and there is not a thing I would change… simply because then you would cease to be the man I fell in love with. I know that over the years you and I will grow and mold…. but at the core you will always be the same man. I could not be any luckier that is for sure.