>I know it’s been several days since I’ve written anything… but there is a valid reason. I just don’t know what to write about. There has not really been anything exceptional going on lately that’s fun to read about. Trust me, I’ve wanted to write… and I will sit and think about it… wonder what to write about… some topic that I can get on my soapbox about and yet, nothing comes.

So I figured I’d write about nothing.

The weekend is fast and approaching thank goodness. We are having a poker party this weekend. I can’t wait. Our poker parties are always so much fun. We drink, play cards, and eat nachos. I mean- what could be better than that?

I remember ( I think the first or second one we had- we have them usually about every month.. but haven’t since May) this one poker party we had. I believe it was last October…. I had borrowed a big Gatorade cooler and made jungle juice. It had tons of alcohol in it… rum, vodka, sangria… and I think some other stuff.

Needless to say… I had to thin it up with some Sprite. I added a bottle of that I think… when all was said and done… it still ended up being 90% alcohol… 8% fruit.. and 2% Sprite. A deadly combination.

I had one cup before they got here… and I was feeling good after half the glass. I tried to convince Ben to have a quicky before they showed up… but no dice. I, of course, was disappointed.

I finished it off when his friends showed up… mine showed up shortly after. My friends and I stood in the driveway eating and drinking. I had a second glass… I guess I was talking really loud when this went down (hehe).

Soon we migrated inside and I was all sorts of torn up. The room was spinning.. and I felt really… out of it. Shortly after that.. I felt like I was going to be sick and crawled to the bathroom because walking at this point was not an option.

I spent the remainder of the evening in the bathroom not knowing how much time was passing. Ben would come and check on me periodically and see if I needed anything. At some point I went to bed.

About two hours elapsed between the first drink to me getting sick.. crazy huh? SO yeah.. I’ve never done that again.. and never will. This poker party won’t be a repeat of that night… I actually PLAY poker now lol.

Anyways.. looks like I found something to write about.. yay! I guess all it takes is just writing sometimes.

Hopefully I’ll have something a bit more sex crazed to write next time hehe.