>Last night we were on the couch watching tv…. I’m not sure what was said but it was something playful. I leaned over onto Ben grinning and said something I’m that was playful and bratty, again.. can’t remember. Then I grabbed his nipple between my fingers and pinched gently. He tried to block my attempt but failed as I leaned in and took it into my mouth.

I wrapped my lips around it, sucking softly… his whole body relaxed as I did so and let out a sigh of pleasure. I pulled back a bit and flicked his nipple with my tongue, teasing him… making him want me. Then I took his tender flesh into my mouth again and bit down just enough to create tension without breaking the skin.

His fingers weaved through my hair… and I knew that he had to be hard… lusting after my body- just how I wanted him. I felt a grip on my hair pulling me up close to his face and then his other hand wrap around my throat. I was instantly wet.

He pulled my head close to him turning it so he could have access to my ear. He licked the lobe and I could hear his breath so clearly. I waited anxiously for what was going to happen next… my mind all aflutter with wonder. And then finally what seemed like forever he spoke.

“I want to hear you beg for me to whip you. I want to hear you beg to suck my cock. I want to hear you beg for me to fuck you. Do you understand?”

And with that.. I was a puddle. I shook my head yes that I understood. He pushed me back enough to get up off the couch… his hand still gripping my hair. He tugged and I followed. As we neared our room he pulled me in front of him. He pushed my arms up and pulled my shirt up over my head and then yanked my shorts down leaving me completely naked and exposed.

I put my hands up on the door frame just as I felt the sharp sting of his hand hitting my ass… followed with three more strikes. I yelped at the suddenness of it.. the way the pain shot through my body… and went directly to my hungry cunt.

“Go tie your hair up”, he directed as he went into the bedroom. I went into the bathroom quickly and pulled my hair up into a ponytail. As I entered our room he was standing at the foot of the bed holding the flogger… I could not help but get a lot more excited.

Pushing me to the ground, he guided me to suck his cock.. and I did… taking him deep into my eager mouth. And then it began… the onslaught of my body. There was no warm up.. the first hit stung like you would not believe. I could feel the heat in my flesh already. Again he hit… and for a brief second I was afraid he’d hit my feet. I was afraid to feel that pain and so I pulled them into me the best I could without actually hiding them.

I continued to suck his dick as he whipped me… hitting my back and my ass over and over… being relentless… never letting up. He then ordered me to bend over the bed… and so I stood and bent over. There was more flogging… hard quick hits… the hardest he’s ever hit me. And he spoke again… sadistic words rolled out of his mouth…. and I loved it.

“You know what I love about this? I love that no matter how hard I beat you, no one will know because it does not leave marks”

With that he stopped and slide his hardness into my drenched pussy. He commented on how wet I was with a groan and began pumping away at me. I met his movements screaming with pleasure while he still whipped me. It felt glorious… I felt pushed past my comfort zone… and I didn’t want him to stop.

“Aren’t you supposed to be doing something?”, he asked.

“I don’t know?”, I responded

“You don’t know? I think you do.”, he growled.

“I’m supposed to beg you?”, I asked as the flogger hit my back making tears well up in my eyes.

That was it.. that is what I was supposed to be doing… and so I begged him to whip me. I begged for more and more and for it to be harder. He was putting everything into it.. I could tell…. each time I begged he’d hit me harder… and I’d feel like I was going to cry but would ask for more.

He pulled out and hit me over and over…. assaulting my back, my ass, my legs. I cried out over and over and then I asked to suck his cock. He granted it and I greedily took him into my mouth. All the while his beating did not let up… he was going to push me till I broke.. I was sure of it.

Ben finally moved to where he could whip my breasts as I sucked his cock. This is where it got hard… feeling the leather slap down on the tender flesh on the sides…. it was hard not to cry.. not to stop sucking. And then he delivered one harsh blow that make me double over. I breathed deep and he told me not to stop… that I needed to be punished for stopping… didn’t I think so?

“I think you need to have your pussy whipped two times, don’t you?”

I agreed and he pulled me onto the bed… told me to spread my legs. He had me repeat what he was going and say that I deserved to be punished because I had stopped. He slapped the flogger down hard… so hard my legs snapped shut and I couldn’t make a sound.

“Legs apart… ready for the other?”, he said

I managed a yes…. in which was not acceptable.

“Do not talk to me like a pussy…”

I opened my legs and mustered all I had in me… and answered. There was more said.. and then another blow. Again my legs snapped shut… and I gasped for air. From there he turned me over and slammed into my dripping cunt.

He pounded away… still whipping my back… till the tension was all too much. He took the flogger and wrapped it around my neck using it for leverage to fuck me with. The speed quickened… and with that he ordered me to cum. The flood gates opened with that.. and I had a powerful orgasm… quickly followed by his.

When it dissipated… we collapsed into each others arms… basking in the glow of amazing sex.