>This morning I was sleeping soundly… but was awoken to Ben’s hands rubbing my back and my ass. I was tired.. and didn’t want to be bothered but wanted to take advantage of the opportunity with my recent drought.

I wiggled my ass a bit and moaned a bit to let him know I was awake. His rubbing became more invasive and aggressive. I reached back and rubbed his hip as I felt his fingers plunge into my pussy. He worked me till I could hear the sound of my wetness.

I wrapped my hand around his cock gently stroking it. He groaned a bit, moving his hips with my hand. He leaned into my ear and his words echoed through my body.

“I want to be inside of you”.

I missed his overt sexual behavior… and I soaked it up. I moved my hand and he slid into my eagerly awaiting pussy. It felt amazing… like it had been an eternity since I had been penetrated. He started to go to work on me.. pumping in and out. I met his movements with my own.

He grabbed my hip… pulling me into him. I touched him.. he touched me…. it felt so raw… purely raw sexual behavior. Yes, there was a sensual nature to it… but it was that first thing in the morning… tired… but horny sex. And I will never complain about that. hehe.

It wasn’t long before I could feel the tension in his body- the tell tale sign he was going to cum. I kept moving my hips.. fucking him. And finally he exploded inside of me. I felt a calm, happiness wash over me… it was a good feeling for sure.

I rolled over and curled into his arms. Resting my head against his chest we contently fell asleep again.