>After getting out of the shower, I draped myself across our bed. I waited for Ben to join me… listening to him shave in the other room. Once he finished he came into our room and grabbed our water glass. He was gone for a few minutes then returned with a full glass and my vitamin.

I could hear him behind me crunching some ice… at some point he set the glass and pill down on my nightstand and came around to his side of the bed. He stopped by my head… standing there naked… it meant for me to move out of his spot. I just laid there and smiled.

He grunted at me and then climbed onto the bed placing his left arm over me. He crouched down and kissed between my shoulders. I let out a little sigh at the feel of his tender lips against my back. He kissed around my shoulders and down my back. Before I knew it… his kisses turned into bites. I was elated… letting out moans… and digging my fingers into the bed when it would get intense.

He repositioned himself between my legs… continuing his work on my back. Out of no where, he stopped… there was silence.. then TWHACK! His hand made contact with my ass cheek. I yelped at the unexpected attack… but inside… I was excited… how had he known that I wanted that? That before he even touched me as I stood by the bed, that was what I had wanted. I purred.

He kept smacking my ass.. over and over.. randomly and then in the same spot several times. I squirmed… wanting him to stop… but not wanting him to in the same sense.

He pulled me back towards him and slipped the tip of his cock into my pussy… teasing me. He wrapped his free hand around the length of his beautiful member to keep me from mounting him fully. I whined in dismay… moving my body back and forth… fucking myself with the head.

Again he slapped my ass… being relentless on his task of spanking me. I could feel it coming.. I rode his head even faster till I came all over him and the bed. I cooed… I felt amazing and didn’t want it to stop.

He pulled away, though… and climbed off the bed.. his cock at full attention… awaiting my service. I promptly wrapped my lips around it and began sucking. I took him deep in my mouth hitting the back of my throat.

He began fucking my face hard… making me gag… but I wasn’t going to move.. I kept focused on my task. Between some of his movements.. he would lean in and spank me hard… unexpectedly. I would yelp but my mouth was full.

He pulled away from me and went behind me again…. teasing me once more… fucking me with only the tip of his dick. He told me to rub my clit while he did.

“Do you want me to fuck you?”, he asked.

I almost yelled a yes… and with that he plunged deep into pussy. He kept spanking me… not letting up… but threw in something new. He pinched my ass… which was met with a scream. He asked if I liked… of course I did! He kept pinching and spanking… it was so hard to keep my composure.

Suddenly I could feel another orgasm coming… he told me to cum…. and I did.. hard. He didn’t let up though. He kept fucking me.. spanking me… pinching me. He asked if I was going to cum again. Honestly.. it had been maybe two minutes.. but yes… I was… I was going to cum again.

Once I came, I asked him to fuck me in the ass. He asked if I was sure.. and when I was… he told me to beg him… and I did. I begged to feel his cock in my ass.. to fuck me. He reached for the lube (not that I really needed it… he just really doesn’t want to hurt me-not like that atleast), lubed up, and slowly started to slide his dick into my ass.

He went slow.. putting his hand on my back to soothe me… to keep me calm so I wouldn’t tense up. I know I wanted it.. but I was seriously tensing. I tried not to… I kept rubbing my clit to keep myself calm. I hate when my brain works against me!

I did manage to calm down for him to get deep inside of me. It hurt… it hurt bad… we really need to work on that! I dont want it to hurt damn it! He began to fuck me slowly… rubbing my body to keep me fuckable (hehe). I wanted to cry it hurt so bad… but I focused… I wanted to feel him cum in my ass more than anything.

He started talking to me… to keep me distracted from the pain… asking me if I wanted him to cum in my ass… if I liked him fucking my ass… I of course did like it.. pain or not. I begged him to cum in my ass…. and finally he did… it was an amazing feeling.

When he pulled out… I rolled over and he pulled me into his arms. After a minute of holding me.. it was my turn to cum again. 🙂