>This is my first meme. I stole it from http://danaewhispering.blogspot.com/

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The first time I heard about sex, I thought it was…curious. I’m sure I heard about sex before the first time I actually remember hearing about it… of course… I was young.. and wanted to know all about it.

My first experience with self stimulation was…
young. After I figured it out.. I took every chance I could to do it.

The furthest I have ever gone in a parked car was…all the way. I remember one time… I had sex with this guy.. and he was horrible.. and very… shall we say.. not endowed. I ended up getting a rug burn on my knee from the carpet on the door. Horrible.

The first method of contraception I ever used was… condoms.

When a man tells me a dirty joke, it usually makes me…laugh. I love a good dirty joke. BUT I guess I would blush as well if I thought the guy was attractive.

The first time I had an orgasm, I thought I was…in heaven. I was probably a year into my sex life before a partner gave me one.

The grossest person I have ever shared a bed with was… well… I cant actually remember his name… but yeah… he was a friend of a friend…

The rottenest thing I ever did to escape having sex was…moved away from him and then got up… telling him I wasn’t ready. I just didn’t really want to do it.

The excuse I most often hear for not making love is… that his back hurts. He has a extra vertebrate in his back… and it always hurts him. He doesn’t bust that stuff out often though.. he has to be in a lot of pain to say that.

My favorite method of flirting is……words and body language.. eyes and smile and such.

The most I have ever “come on” with a girlfriend’s man was… well never. I dont flirt with another girl’s man.

I believe I am dressed the sexiest when I am wearing… a great pair of jeans and a cute top… orrrr just a pair of panties.

If I ever surprised my man in the act of self-stimulation, I would probably…
watch! I love that stuff!

If I were to describe male sexual equipment in one word, it would have to be…fun 🙂

The thought of making love to two men at the same time really makes me… wonder what it would be like.

If I were to estimate how often I fantasize about making love to a strange man, it would be…not very much. It doesn’t appeal to me much to be taken by a stranger… I like a connection to be present.

If my friends all decided to skinny dip, I would probably…be hesitant to join.. but give me a few drinks.. I’m good to go.

If my mate and I were sharing a hotel room with another couple who started to make love, I would … get verrryyy turned on.

If on a first date the subject of birth control came up, I would…talk about it…. if you can’t talk about that kind of stuff, you have no business having sex at all.

While making love to my mate, I sometimes fantasize about… past experiences we’ve had… but I do tend to like being in the moment more.

If a stripper gave me the opportunity to remove his/her last piece of clothing I would…be a little intimidated.

If I were to wear a costume to make love, I would dress as…a naughty schoolgirl.

If my lover agreed to wear a costume of my choice before making love, I would choose…probably nothing… I’m not a big fan of costumes.

The wildest sexual aid I have ever used was… nothing that wild…at least to me. Wild is in perception…

The most pleasure I have ever had with a foreign object was…my vibrator… its yellow… and I named her Sunshine, because she makes me smile (hehe)

The last sexual request I refused was…-honestly, I cant remember. I rarely refuse to do something.

The last sexual request someone refused me was…being able to suck Ben’s cock… but he just wanted me to want it more. I ended up getting what I wanted.

The thought of making love during pregnancy makes me… glad those days are over!

The thought of making love during “that time of the month” leaves me… also glad.. that I rarely have that time of the month anymore (thank goodness for IUDs)

My favorite fantasy involving a hot tub is… non existent now. Been there, done that… not that exciting.

My favorite fantasy involving a romantic location is…being on a tropical beach some where in a beach house… on like the balcony under the moon light… making love… and laying under the stars

My favorite fantasy involving a famous man is… also non existent. I don’t fantasize about famous people.

My favorite fantasy involving a man I know (who isn’t my mate) is… actually sometimes involved with Ben.. he is an old F buddy of mine… that I imagine him watching Ben and I or vice versa.

My favorite fantasy involving a woman I know is…replaying experiences with a past lover or two.

The last time a man tried to pick me up was…hmmm I don’t know….does online count? Oh.. a couple months ago at work…

My favorite fantasy involving sex in a public place is…again replying experiences I have had in public places.

The most public place I ever made love was…on the beach.. which sounds fun… but not as great as I though.

When I finally lost my virginity, I was….15.. almost 16… seems like ages ago now.

I think the maximum number of men I am physically capable of making love to in a single day is… quite a few… I guess I’d have to see… though that doesn’t really seem like something I’d want to do.

I really like having a tongue stuck in my…mouth

I really hate having a tongue stuck in (between) my…toes but I also am not a fan of tongue in my ear. It makes my skin crawl!